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CT Enterprise Network Operations completes Phase 1 of HEERF project

  • By Minerva Baumann
  • May 02, 2022
People standing in front of a building

The integration of online and in-person environments during the pandemic has challenged our campus network, requiring flexibility and creative solutions from our technology staff. The CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief (HEERF) funding allowed NMSU’s Information Communication Technologies to strengthen our network to support our student's needs. 

Our Enterprise Network Operations engineers recently have completed the HEERF Phase 1 project. This team installed and brought on line more than 60 upgraded Cisco switches in 19 buildings across campus. 

“We want to recognize the outstanding work of Anrafael Gonzalez Lopez who was the lead engineer for this project,” said David Fraga, enterprise network operation manager. “We also want to recognize the efforts of Josh Garcia, Tommy Abeyta-Sosa, Nassua Garcia, Bill Rutherford and our whole Enterprise Network Operations group in working together to get this done.” 

These next generation switches will allow NMSU to potentially build a robust 10G network backbone and next generation Wi-Fi 6 access points. The upgrade provides faster, secure connection speeds throughout campus with better wireless coverage to support our student's ever increasing network needs. 

These upgrades also triggered the completion of the phone migration initiative to directly interface our NMSU main campus phone system to our network infrastructure for a more consistent quality phone service. Phone migration in Knox Hall and Gardiner Hall is complete with migration to additional campus buildings currently underway.