NMSU Campus History Archive



07/29/2020  - NMSU’s English building honors university’s first Black graduate 
07/22/2020 - NMSU’s Jett Hall named for beloved dean, pen pal to WWII Aggie soldiers 
07/16/2020 -  Memorial Tower: 70-year-old tribute to courage, reminder of Aggies lost to war 
07/09/2020 -  NMSU’s Garcia Center named for chile pioneer Fabián García 
07/02/2020 - Branson Library named for NMSU president who volunteered to be acting president, then got the job 


06/25/2020 - NMSU’s Rentfrow Hall named after long-time registrar for her dedication to students 
06/17/2020 - Gerald Thomas Hall: Building named for long-serving NMSU president 
06/11/2020 - 102-year-old Nason House: Home to university presidents, now Latin American studies 
06/03/2020 - NMSU’s Breland Hall evolves over more than 60 years 


05/27/2020 - Tale of Two Hadleys: Both NMSU’s Hadley Halls named after first president  
05/20/2020 - Rhodes Garrett Hamiel dorm named for acclaimed western author, Pat Garrett’s daughter and a long-time secretary 
05/13/2020 - NMSU’s Kent Hall: 90 years from dormitory to University Museum 
05/07/2020 - NMSU’s 90-year-old Foster Hall has unique fresco  


04/30/2020 - Eighty-four-year-old Dove Hall maintains beauty, history 
04/23/2020  - Milton Hall: More than 70 years old and still going strong 
04/16/2020  - NMSU’s Goddard Hall has rich architectural history, famed namesake 
04/08/2020  - NMSU’s oldest academic building is 113 years old