NMSU System Shout-outs

Feb. 11, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Tom Reichardt and Andrea Coleman, Chemistry and Biochemistry

“Want to commend the Chemistry stockroom personnel for their dedication to service. Their work permits the continuation of scientific research in this time of a pandemic. They go out of their way to track down mail and packages that are no longer delivered in the building due to COVID-19, and allow the research to continue without interruption.” – Jaime Rodriguez, Chemistry and Biochemistry

 Feb. 8, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Alina Porras, Space Planning

“Alina Porras, Space Planning student employee, has completed an amazing and informational map of the NMSU Las Cruces campus for COVID-19. Alina utilized her GIS and drafting skills to create apps, implement and produce the COVID-19 map. Alina has collected and added various feature classes to the map to provide up-to-date information to the campus community. Some of the feature classes on the map are the COVID-19 supply vending machines, classrooms, academic tents and other useful location information. Space plans have also been added to identify current room use. Alina also created a QR code for easy, fast access to the map. Alina has gone above and beyond her expectations and continues to be creative in implementing new map features. Thank you, Alina, for all your hard work and efforts!” – Suzanne Montes, Space Planning

Feb. 4, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Housing and Residential Life

“I want to shout out Nicki Halopka, Reid Adler, Crystal McEntire, Josh Houtkooper, Anthony Kennedy, Cassidy Moore, David Sanchez and Sam Rosenberg, our resident directors and associate resident directors for Housing and Residential Life. This group of dedicated professionals live and work in on-campus housing facilities. They are a tremendous team who deserve a giant Aggie shout-out for their positive ‘can do’ attitudes, the genuine concern for campus residents they demonstrate on a daily basis, and their willingness to focus on solutions, not problems. Thank you all for the dedication and professionalism you bring to the NMSU residential communities.” – Ophelia Watkins, Housing and Residential Life
“I wanted to shout out Reid Adler, Nicki Halopka and John Magnusson for all of their hard work that they put in preparing an entire virtual 2.5-week training for the resident assistant staff on campus. Without them, our RA team would not be able to navigate their jobs through COVID-19 and beyond. Thank you!” AK, Housing and Residential Life

Feb. 1, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Online teaching development workshop creators

“Almost 200 faculty, staff and graduate assistants participated in a synchronous and asynchronous workshop developed in Canvas on Jan. 19-22 aimed at enhancing online teaching. This was a record number of participants for any teaching development workshop, ever. These educators are to be commended for their dedication and continued passion to move NMSU forward.

"The workshop was made possible by Provost Carol Parker, who instituted this initiative; the staff members who designed the course on a very short timeline; and the faculty fellows who recruited the participants and taught the course. Course designers included Beth Apodaca, Instructional Design, Digital Learning; Morgan Iommi, Teaching Academy; Alice Martinic, Teaching Academy; and Michelle Lebsock, Academic Technology, Digital Learning. Faculty Fellows included Betsy Stringam, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management; Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza, Languages and Linguistics; Cat Jonet, Interdisciplinary Studies; Marija Dimitrijevic, Criminal Justice; Michele Shuster, Biology; Carol Flinchbaugh, Management; Julia Parra, Curriculum and Instruction; Paul Furth, Engineering Technology; and Connie DeBlieck, Nursing.

"A big thank-you to all!” – Tara Gray, Director, Teaching Academy and Sherry Kollman, Vice Provost, Digital Learning

Jan. 28, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Ricardo Rel, Government and Community Relations

“Congratulations to Ricardo Rel for being the first NMSU supervisor to complete his staff evaluations! Thank you, Ricardo, for making Staff Recognition and Review a priority this year. Your employees do appreciate it.” – The Employee and Labor Relations Team

Jan. 25, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: NM State Athletics Media Relations and Marketing

“Even though 2020 proved to be a year in which Aggie athletics were cut short, that didn't deter NM State from increasing its social media presence at a rate unmatched by most FBS programs in the nation. In a report published by SkullSparks this month, NM State's main social media platforms ranked among the top 20 among all FBS programs in interaction percentage growth and among the top 35 among all FBS programs in terms of total interactions from 2019 to 2020. SkullSparks partners with college teams to improve digital and design strategy. It also promotes digital, design and video opportunities to the largest network of college athletics creatives in the nation. In all, NM State's number of total interactions across its main social media platforms (NM State Aggies on Facebook and @NMStateAggie on Instagram and Twitter) increased by a total of 45,151 from 2019 to 2020. When stacked up against all other FBS main athletics accounts, that total was the 33rd-highest increase in the nation. Through 2019, NM State's main athletics social media accounts generated a total of 78,493 interactions. In 2020, that number grew to 123,644 – an increase of 58 percent. That increase in total interactions from 2019 to 2020 was the 19th-highest increase among all 130 FBS programs.” – Nicole Sack, Athletics

Jan. 21, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Dacia Sedillo and University Student Records

“Dacia Sedillo and the University Student Records team have performed outstandingly during the transition to telework. Dacia and her team are responsive in ensuring the class scheduling, posting of grades, updates to the catalogs, processing of a plethora of faculty/student forms, and ensuring that compliance with records stewardship and confidentiality are maintained. Dacia and her team serve as the data custodians of the university, and there are many behind-the-scenes projects that many of us do not see, such as interfacing with the New Mexico Higher Education Department and United States Department of Education. Great job, Dacia and University Student Records team!” – Anonymous fan

Jan. 14, 2021

NMSU System Shout-out: Jon Holtzman, Nancy Chanover and Zachary Edwards, Astronomy

“Thank you for an excellent presentation on Zoom and Facebook on the 2020 Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction. It was informative, and we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing pictures of the gas giants. You did a wonderful job exciting interest in the university's local astronomy programs.” – Jerry Shakal, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
“Jon Holtzman lead a virtual observatory night, streamed over Zoom and Facebook live, to let the community of Las Cruces observe the planet conjunction phenomena in December 2020. This was a huge success, highlighting the work that has been put into making the Tortugas Mountain Observatory into a real NMSU community asset, and a shining example of how to push on to make things work, no matter the obstacles placed in our way. Phenomenal effort, Jon!” – Anonymous fan

Dec. 23, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Deborah Gouldsmith, College of Education

“I want to shout out lead academic advisor Deb Gouldsmith. Deborah does an amazing job with students. She also always checks on her coworkers within our CAASS family. Deb sends beautiful birthday cards and makes great online activities for us to do during our lunchtime in these difficult times. She regularly works late to make sure that she complies with all her job duties and responsibilities and to make sure all of us are doing well. I feel blessed to work with her and thank God for her life.” – Dr. Luly Valencia-Glenn, lead academic advisor.

Dec. 22, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: 2020 NMSU graduates

“Super shout-out to the graduating class of 2020 for working together with NMSU faculty, staff and administration during this challenging year to Make State Great! Congratulations, graduates!” – Anonymous fan

Dec. 21, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: DACC Admissions, Testing Center and VA Programs Team

“I would like to recognize my Admissions, Testing Center and VA Programs team. Even when the going got tough, you all continued to have the best attitude! The efforts that you have put into delivering high-quality service to DACC and our students is commendable. I am blessed to have you on my team. Together, we make a difference!” – Geraldine Martinez, director of admissions, DACC

 Dec. 18, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Dr. Julia Parra, Faculty Senate chair, associate professor in the School of TPAL Learning Design and Technology

“Julia has been an outstanding leader in Faculty Senate through a very difficult time. Not only was she helping many of us put our classes online, she also served on several ad hoc task forces and committees in the past several months. What I have personally appreciated about Julia is that she listens to everyone, and if I need time to talk with her, she makes that time in her busy schedule. Her respect for fellow faculty is exemplary and shows even in meetings where we have differences of opinion. Thank you, Julia, for your compassion, kindness, and all your hard work during these challenging times. We so appreciate you!” – Dr. Anne Hubbell, Communication Studies 

Dec. 17, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Facilities and Services Custodial Team

“I want to thank the FS Custodial Team for going above and beyond this semester, sanitizing our classrooms every morning so we could continue to have in-person and hybrid classes. Without their dedication to this process, we could not have met safely. We are truly grateful that we were able to meet with students on a regular basis and thank you for making this possible!”  – Kim O’Connell, Kinesiology and Dance 

Dec. 16, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Rose Pena, academic advisor, NMSU Alamogordo

“Rose understands the importance of supporting students. She is willing to help them no matter what it takes. Rose, thank you for continuously making students priority number one.” – Anonymous fan

Dec. 15, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Dr. Amanda Ashley, assistant professor of Chemistry

“Talk about going above and beyond and above again – Dr. Ashley dressed up for every one of her lectures following the shutdown in March as a different character, ranging from Harley Quinn to Frida Kahlo. I could describe it, but really you should see it on her website. What incredible dedication to keeping her students engaged!” – Anonymous fan 

Dec. 14, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Michael Mapp, faculty senator, Music/Band

“I am incredibly grateful for Sen. Michael Mapp, who stepped up and served this summer as chair of the Faculty Experience Tiger Team. He was and is always there to support Senate and NMSU faculty. Shout-out to you Sen. Mapp; I owe you chocolate post-pandemic!” – Julia Parra, Faculty Senate chair 

Dec. 11, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Crystal McEntire, Cassidy Moore and Nicki Halopka, Housing and Residential Life

“I want to shout out these three great Housing employees. They helped advise a housing leadership conference that hosted over 200 students virtually. This was the first time that NMSU has hosted a housing conference of this capacity in over 36 years. It would not have been possible without them! Great job!” – Anthony Kennedy, Housing and Residential Life

 Dec. 7, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Center for Academic Advising and Student Support

“I would like to recognize the academic advisors in CAASS for their terrific and tremendous work! In March, we continued advising students for fall without missing a beat. In summer, we advised about 2,000 new students. We are learning a new advising tool and are now advising students for spring, along with all the emails and phone calls in between. You all rock! Love you!” – Letty Gallegos

Dec. 3, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Kori Plank, University Student Records Office

“A billion thanks to Kori Plank for being patient, and her willingness to assist fixes of courses for student registration. Kori is very knowledgeable on her campus Zoom training for the CLSS and answering questions. Thank you, Kori, for all your assistance.” – Anonymous fan

 Nov. 30, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Patricia Hidalgo, Doña Ana Community College Accounting Services

“There are some people who regularly go the extra mile to help people and get you the information you need. Patricia Hidalgo at DACC Accounting Services is one of those people. And her laugh is one that can make your struggles melt away as we deal with the challenges during this time. Thank you, Patricia, for your excellent service! You are a joy to work with.” – Joyce Shakal, Aggie Service Center

Nov. 23, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: COVID-19 testing staff

“I just wanted to thank the testing staff at the Aggie Wellness and Health Center for all they are doing to ensure NMSU and the community stay safe. Their job is not easy, and they have to sometimes deal with people like me who have some hesitations about getting tested. All of the staff members are friendly, extremely patient (thank you!) and made the process pain-free. Thank you for the excellent customer service you provided.” – Anonymous fan 

Nov. 19, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Theatre Arts Department

“The faculty and staff of the Theatre Arts Department have worked so hard to adapt to a new reality that makes traditional performances impossible. They have gone to great lengths to give theatre students opportunities, encouragement and safe spaces to learn and express themselves and to develop new ways of making theatre. They are adaptable, resilient and creative. Bravo!” – A theatre fan

Nov. 12, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Robert Jobe, Computer Support Services

“Robert has gone above and beyond as our NMSU ACES IT specialist during these trying times. He's kept us all connected and communicating during countless Zoom meetings, remote online access and online courses, as well as keeping us connected with lots and lots of regular IT on campus issues.” – Anonymous fan

Nov. 9, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Ophelia Watkins, Housing and Residential Life

“Ophelia has worked tirelessly on COVID response in campus housing. She coordinates everything from meal delivery to book pickups, errand running to disinfection team cleaning. She is a ‘Jackie of all Trades’ and the best co-pilot I have ever had to navigate with during the university's collaborative COVID response. Thank you for your extraordinary talents and can do attitude. You are the best!” – Lori McKee, Aggie Health and Wellness Center 

Nov. 5, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Melody Munson-McGee, Office of the President

“Melody Munson-McGee is an individual who is synonymous with tenacity. There is no frog too large for her to eat; which she does, not only in the morning, rather, throughout her entire day. Here is a cheers to her tireless efforts in support of her administrator, the NMSU community, and, as she’s shown time and time again, in support of students!” – Anonymous fan

Nov. 2, 2020

NMSU System Shout-out: Vicki Morgan, Research Administration Services

“I was having some difficulties with my keyboard, and Vicki immediately ordered a keyboard of my choice to be shipped to my home address. When I did not receive the order as scheduled, she went out of her way to pick up one from a store. She has always been very efficient and always wears a smile.” – Anonymous fan