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NMSU Library presents 'last will and testament' lecture

  • By Norice Lee
  • 575-646-1508
  • nlee@nmsu.edu
  • Jun 29, 2013
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New Mexico State University will present a lecture on the experiences of two priests preparing their last wills and testaments.

The lecture, "When Father Morin and Father Grange Were Preparing Their Last Wills and Testaments," will be given by Professor Claude Fouillade and is co-sponsored by The New Mexico Historical Society, Office of the New Mexico State Historian, NMSU Department of Languages & Linguistics, NMSU Department of History, and NMSU Library Archives and Special Collections.

Fouillade, professor in the NMSU Department of Languages & Linguistics, will speak about the preparations made by Morin of Silver City, N.M. and Grange of Mesilla, N.M. to settle their estates.

Reasons why Morin, before his death in 1916, relied on Grange to prepare the documents will be discussed. Fouillade also will share how Grange, as he approached retirement in 1926, proceeded to prepare his own will and testament to ensure that his wishes and those of Father Morin were fulfilled.

The lecture is scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday, June 28, on the fourth floor of the NMSU Library, adjacent to the Caroline E. Stras Research Room.

For more information, contact the NMSU Library Archives and Special Collections at 575-646-7455, or Claude Fouillade at cfouilla@nmsu.edu.