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NMSU Wildlife Society wins "Best in the West"

  • By Samuel Horstman
  • 57-646-3082
  • shorstma@nmsu.edu
  • May 13, 2013
Flying crane
Members of the New Mexico State University student chapter of The Wildlife Society were awarded "Best of the West" at the 2013 Western Regional Student Conclave in Laramie, Wyo. The team competed in March along with students from wildlife programs from 14 western U.S. universities.

The NMSU Wildlife Society chapter was presented the award by the Wyoming student chapter during the conclave.

"The award recognizes the top overall performance of a school throughout the conclave," said Trey Turnbull, outgoing president of The Wildlife Society.

Eight NMSU students were winners of the overall competition including Daniel Macias who was awarded first place for his research poster, and Sarah Moon, who also took first place in the fauna photography category with her photograph of an owl.

"We have been performing sequentially better over the years," Turnbull said. "We have a cohesive group. As an organization we have been progressing and we have another good year ahead of us."

The team also placed second out of 11 schools in the Quiz Bowl, the biggest event at the competition. It tests general knowledge on wildlife identification, management and related disciplines.

The Western Region Student Conclave is one of four regional student conclaves held each year that provide college students with hands-on training in wildlife management and conservation and networking opportunities with wildlife professionals.

The NMSU Wildlife Society is an organization of aspiring conservationists, biologists and educators who wish to work in the field of wildlife and the environmental sciences. The NMSU Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology also offers a major in wildlife science.

The Wildlife Society currently has a contract with New Mexico Game and Fish to test tissue samples of deer and elk for chronic wasting disease.

For more information on the NMSU Wildlife Society student chapter contact Wiebke Boeing at 575-646-1707 or wboeing@nmsu.edu.