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NMSU Library announces expanded access to SciFinder database

  • By Samuel Horstman
  • (575) 646-3082
  • shorstma@nmsu.edu
  • Sep 24, 2012
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The New Mexico State University Library has announced that access to SciFinder, a database produced by the Chemical Abstracts Services, will no longer be limited to two concurrent seats. With unlimited access, SciFinder will be available to researchers in chemistry as well as those in other science departments throughout the university.

"These improvements are wonderful and will be extremely helpful for our research and teaching," said Regents Professor Jeff Arterburn, in the Department Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The SciFinder database will now include the Substructure Module. The SciFinder Substructure Module was an optional feature that was only available as a separate subscription to the original SciFinder database product. SSM users will have the ability to search a chemical structure as well as a substructure of a more complex structure, which is an essential function in current chemistry research. The module also includes drawing tools that are specifically used for drawing substructure queries, along with many other features that support research.

SciFinder access will continue to be subject to the terms and conditions of the SciFinder license.

The NMSU Library will offer information and training materials for the use of the SciFinder database and the Substructure Module. For any questions or assistance with this database contact Nirmala Gunapala at 575-646-5551 or nirmalag@nmsu.edu.