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Safety Tips: Spring Break

  • By Minerva Baumann
  • Feb 15, 2022
silhouette of people in airport

With Spring break coming up for New Mexico State University March 7-11, faculty, staff and students may be making travel plans. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you and your friends or family stay safe during your vacation.


  • Additional safety tips while traveling:
    • Don’t share too much on social media – be cautious about sharing personal information on status updates and tweets, check privacy settings.
    • Keep your ID on you at all times – store in inside pocket. Keep a copy of your driver’s license/passport in case it is stolen.
    • Stay safe at your hotel – Avoid first floor hotel rooms, lock doors and windows, secure important belongings in the safe.
    • Know your hotel address - take a hotel business card with you when going out in case you need to give a cab driver your address. Never tell new acquaintances your hotel or room number.
    • Don’t travel alone – Use the buddy system at all times, don’t go anywhere with strangers.
    • Carry cash and important phone numbers – Keep copies of credit cards in case they are stolen.
    • Practice safe driving – Rotate drivers often and take turns being a designated driver, make sure your car is road worthy before setting out.
    • Practice safe drinking – Watch your cup or glass. Only drink what has been poured in front of you.
    • Use a code word or signal with friends – To let them know when you need them to intervene.
    • Carry a small, practical, and easy to use personal protection tool– For example: pepper spray or a personal alarm.
    • Consider travel insurance –– You may need medical coverage, emergency evacuation or other travel assistance.

For more travel tips, visit the CDC’s spring break travel page.