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NMSU’s Physical Science Lab establishes employee development program

  • By Marcella Shelby
  • 575-646-9201
  • May 24, 2021
People watching a forklift operator outside in a parking lot.

On May 19, a group of Physical Science Laboratory employees at New Mexico State University participated in a forklift safety course which included an educational information session and practical skills assessment. The course was taught by Louie Sanchez, PSL shipping and receiving supervisor, who has been with PSL for 17 years.   

This forklift safety training marks the first steps toward establishing an employee development program at PSL. The program was initiated with the goal to better support the continued growth and development of PSL employees who serve our national and global customers. PSL supports national security and defense customers in the areas of telemetry, missile systems, unmanned aerial systems, scientific ballooning, as well as information sciences and security systems.

“Occupational safety training is one of the many educational opportunities made available to PSL employees,” said Eric Sanchez, PSL director. “Offering the forklift safety course, as well as other occupational safety and security trainings, ensures our team’s skills remain up to date and prioritizes safety as an integral part of delivering customer support.”

“The educational session provided an overview of regulations, NMSU policy and OSHA standards. Proper techniques for safe forklift operation and the hazards of forklift operations were also discussed,” said Karen Hamilton, PSL operations manager.

While this initial training in May was exclusive to PSL employees only, a future training is being planned for June and will be open to NMSU employees outside of PSL. If interested in learning more about the forklift safety course or have interest in registering for a future training, email