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NMSU Board of Regents to hold closed meeting Nov. 23

  • By Carlos Andres López
  • 575-646-1955
  • Nov 19, 2019
 A door at NMSU

The New Mexico State University Board of Regents will hold a closed meeting at 7 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, in Hadley Hall, Room 130, 2850 Weddell St., on NMSU’s Las Cruces campus.

The closed meeting is being called to discuss Exhibit A Performance Evaluation Instrument and Exhibit B Objective statement for the 2019-2020 academic year for Chancellor Dan Arvizu and President John Floros. Also, the board will discuss the existing employment contract with Chancellor Arvizu related to the evaluation elements of the contract as permitted under the personnel matters exemption the New Mexico Open Meetings Act, NMSA Section 10-15-1, subsection (H)(2).

In addition, the board will discuss the board’s personnel plans for the board staff position as permitted by NMSA Section 10-15-1, subsection (H)(2) of the Open Meetings Act.


A. Call to order, Chairwoman Dina Chacón-Reitzel
B. Items for discussion, Chairwoman Chacón-Reitzel
1. Discuss Exhibit A Performance Evaluation Instrument
2. Discuss Exhibit B Objective Statement
3. Discuss provisions of the existing employment agreement for Chancellor Arvizu and President Floros related to evaluation
4. Personnel plans for the Board staff position
C. Adjournment, Chairwoman Chacón-Reitzel

In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, copies of the agenda will be made available at NMSU’s Zuhl Library on the Las Cruces campus at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and accessible on the public university website at .

Please contact the Office of the Board of Regents at 575-646-5997 if you need additional information.